The very young Renee O'Connor

O'Connor's first acting experience was at age eight in Katy, Texas with THEATER ON WHEELS. She played a caterpillar. Even made her own costume. Her first paid acting job, if one can call it that, was, at age 16, portraying Porky Pig at a Six Flags amusement park.

TEXAS, 1989

Renee O'Connor wearing WHOLE FOODS sweatshirt in BLACK SNOW

In 1989, O'Connor did a WAREHOUSE SAFETY VIDEO for Randall's Food Market, a chain of 116 supermarkets in Texas. That same year, in BLACK SNOW, she wore a sweatshirt emblazoned with the logo of WHOLE FOODS, another Texas-based food chain.


Renee Zellweger

Renée Kathleen Zellweger was born 25 April 1969 in Katy, Texas, the same town in which Renée O'Connor was born 661 days later. While Zellweger went to Katy High School, O'Connor travelled 18 miles to attend Taylor High School and a further 9 miles to attend the Houston High School of Visual and Performing Arts. It is unclear if the two knew each other.



Sunny Doench

Sunny Doench, pictured above, originally of Dayton, Ohio, was the original choice to play Gabrielle, but declined. Her latest role is that of Rona Samms in the film COFFIN, in which Kevin Sorbo co-stars. The film is available from Amazon on DVD.


Renee O'Connor with guitar

Renée O'Connor has not played the guitar in any of her film or TV appearances. Yet there is evidence that, at least as a teenager, she did have this skill. I cite the photo above, from a Houston newspaper, in which O'Connor is shown with another teen (whose name I cannot make out). The two of them are credited as being named "Most Talented Teens". I presume the guitar is not a prop.


Young Renee O'Connor as Wonder Woman's sidekick

One halloween in her youth, O'Connor dressed up as what can only be described as Wonder Woman's sidekick (although Wonder Woman had no sidekick). Amazons were very important in the Xenaverse and in Season One of XWP Gabrielle became an Amazon Princess.


Renee O'Connor boot

Renée O'Connor's shoe size is 8N. Source: an interview she gave some years ago, in which she also said that her favourite colour was teal, described her eye colour as "green with a hint of blue" and her favourite birds as ducks (from whence the colour teal was named). She may not have been entirely serious about that interview.


The April/May 2013 issue of Kinetics Magazine has an interview with O'Connor by Alixandra Peters. O'Connor explains how she met Mary Rocamora, and has this to say about the documentary she is currently making about her mentor called RING AROUND THE MIND. The feature length film will illustrate how Mary created a foundation of Awareness Principles.


Ms. O'Connor some years ago starred(?) in a movie "eXtreme Reality", which was a mockumentary about a reality dating show. Don't know anything more about this one. Don't know the year or any details.


O'Connor donated a Kindle Fire containing her 11 favourite books to the 2012 AUSXIP charity auction. It was won by someone named Rosa, who revealed the list of included books:

  1. A New Earth -- Ekhart Tolle
  2. The Alchemist -- Paulo Coelho
  3. An Open Life -- Joseph Campbell
  4. Living Green -- Greg Horn
  5. Women Who Run With The Wolves
    -- Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  6. Outliers -- Malcolm Gladwell
  7. The Prophet -- Kahlil Gibran
  8. Art & Love An Illustrated
    Anthology of Love Poetry
    -- Bulfinch Press
  9. Imagining Ourselves -- Paula Goldman
  10. The Mystic in the Theater, Elenor Duse
    -- Eva Le Gallienne
  11. A People's History
    of the United States

    -- Howard Zinn


Two Renee O'Connor signatures

The above graphic shows two examples of Renée O'Connor's autograph. In both instances, he accent mark over the second e in her first name seems to be going the wrong way, like è rather than é. It also appears to be over the second e.


O'Connor has a pierced navel (at least she did in 2009), which is also apparently an "innie". Above is a bikini photo which clearly shows the piercing.

Renee O'Connor in bikini (November 2009) showing pierced navel


For numerology buffs, there is a website, Celebrities Galore, that will let you know your level of compatibility with Renée O'Connor based solely on your name, sex, and date of birth. I am not sure what one's sex has to do with numerology, but there it is. Numerology is a pseudo-science that deals with the occult significance of numbers.


The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing burns and fires and providing services to those who have been affected by a burn injury.

The Richstone Family Center helps parents to strengthen their knowledge, emotional control, and parenting skills to provide a safe environment for children in the home and the community and give children the tools to be healthy physically, socially and mentally.