Renee O'connor's Stunt Doubles


Tammy Barker

Now an Australian radio host, Tammy Barker has appeared in TV ads in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Switzerland, though I haven't been able to find out just which ads. Besides being a stunt double for Gabrielle, she has doubled for guest actors on both Hercules (the Legendary Journeys), and Xena. Hair: blonde, Eyes: Green, Height: 1.54m, Weight: 55kg.

Min Windle Tammy Barker had a role in this video:


Other than doubling Gabrielle, she also worked as stunt double on Hercules TLJ. Height: 1.63m, Hair: brown, Shoe size: 6, Measurements: 34-26-34. Lately, she has done stunts for Avatar.