Length:  1 hr 55 min
Release date: October 2008
Genre:   Western (Western North Carolina anyway)
Screen time for O'Connor:   On screen first in minute 31 of film.
On screen intermittently (minute 47 to minute 108)
Most notable incongruity:   Little Jack's hair, which looks way better than anyone else's
Observation:   This is the first role ever in which O'Connor plays a badguy.

Interesting Character Scale (Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):  seven
Best scenes for O'Connor:   Her well choreographed death scene

O'Connor as Little Jack Dean Teaster's tribute to his father and the Ghost Town In The Sky theme park, which opened in 1961. The story fictionalizes Teaster family facts into a story that encompasses the best elements of the staged gunfights performed by the Legendary Ghost Town Gunfighters at the park. Robert Bradley was The Apache Kid at the park, and Herbert Cowboy Coward was GrandPappy at the park, and they have roles in the film. Alaska Presley who was one of the original park founders. Dean Teaster reprises the role of Digger that his father made famous.

In what may be outdated news, Tony Dow visiting Ghost Town in the Sky in 1964 According to the Waynesville Mountaineer, GHOST TOWN IN THE SKY, the North Carolina theme park may soon change ownership. American Heritage Family Parks recently acquired $20 million worth of real estate in the area, including 49-percent ownership of Al Harper's Great Smoky Mountain Railroad in Bryson City.

Stella Parton (Betsy Mae) was Mary Beth Malone in THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. Rance Howard (Sherrif Tom Parker) was in a film called THE GENESIS CODE. Another film with Renee O'Connor, Monster Ark, was originally called THE GENESIS CODE. Terrence Knox was Rafe Logan in one episode of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. Anthony Hornus (Captain Ketner) will be Hoyt Pike in A STATE OF HATE. One of the songs in the film was written and sung by Stella Parton, Dolly Parton's sister. The score was by Dennis Therrian, who also did the score for AN ORDINARY KILLER, the film to which A STATE OF HATE is sequel.


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Dean Teaster's Ghost Town poster Overlooking Maggie Valley, where the events of the film Ghost Town took place


Renée O'Connor - Little Jack
Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward - Harmon Teaster
Terry Jernigan - Young Harmon Teaster
Princess Lucaj - Violet Teaster
Phoebe Bond - Young Violet Teaster
Rance Howard - Sheriff Tom Parker
Tammy stephens Teaster - Susie Teaster
MaryBeth Hampton - Young Susie Teaster
Harry Valentine - Ransom Teaster
Bill McKinney - Victor Burnett
Charles Edwin Powell - Young Victor Burnett
DJ Perry - Will Burnett
Tony Becker - Deputy Tuck
Stella Parton - Betsy Mae
Terence Knox - Mayor Emerson Rogers
Sammy Kershaw - Marshall Morgan Duckett
Charles Matthau - Doc Morrison
Dean Teaster - Digger
Mark Jones - Young Digger
Anthony Hornus - Captain Ketner
Robert Bradley - Jim Jumpert
Tom Chaudoin - Young Jim Jumper
Russ Stine - James Martin
Jordan Engle - Cole Sorrells
Kera O'Bryon - Mrs. Sorrells
Bill Steele - John Burnett
Ralphene Rathbone - Mrs. Burnett
Paul Proios - Jim Dandy
Fred Griffith - Whiskey Walters
Greg Mason - Henry Spits
Tommy Dippel - Bob Cat Roberts
Austin Two Feathers - Copperhead
Patrick Walker - Moose
Bill Whitworth - Jackknife Jack
Randall Godwin - Smiling Joe
Taymour Ghazi - Deputy Wilson
Alaska Presley - Madame Birdie
Robert Shepherd - Judd
Jon Bowman - Pete
Grace Junot - Linn
David Papenfuss - Howard
Nathaniel Nose - Junior
Ashley Mauney - Nell
Stephen Walkingstick - Paul
Jacob Holton Stephen - Dunn
Bobby Teaster - Undertaker Mathias Holland
Ed Mantell - The Stranger
Popcorn Sutton - Himself
Sampson Bradley - Himself
Eric Holloway - Taft
Bill Leatherwood - Outlaw
Patrick McNatt - US Deputy Marshall Reed Robinson
Brian Merrick - Shotgun rider
John McElrath - Moonshiner
Jacob Franklin - Kalob
Johnny Freeman - Outlaw
Dennis Therrian - Piano Player
James Thompson - Stagecoach driver

Simone Cabe, Crystal Chambers, Jennifer Chavez, Genia London, and Sara Dunlop

Dawson Cook, Jonathon Dane Feather, Charles Swift Hawk Smith, Mark Mounce, Robert Bradley, Dalton Smith, and Tony Wilburn Walkingstick.

John Conner, Jason Teaster, Patricia M. Fairchild, Judy Ferguson, Mary E. Freeman, Ron Freeman, Joseph Gaddis, Judy Green, William Gunn, John Harris, Sarah Crider, Richard Dooley, Tim Bradley, Bill Bradshaw, Dianne Brown, Steve Brown, Phillip Buckmen, Betsy Sue Hull, Donna Hunkabee, William Jervis, Rooney Baxter, Wesley Koenighans, Michael Koenighaus, Mary London, Eddie Lovelace, Briana Mashburn, Kristen Mashburn, Dan Massey, Jimmy McCallister, Mike McDonald, Timothy Mintz, Roger Moore, Keith Potts, Dennis Price, Diane Price, Chatea Ray, Johnny Rich, Patrick Riley, Edward Ruthorford, Kenneth E. Smith, Ted Spidle, Jess Sutton Jr., Rufus Sutton, Bryan Teaster, Glen Teaster, Larry Walter, Chris Tingen, Dometrius Williams, Gary Woods, and J. Calvin Yoder.