DIAMONDS AND GUNS starring Renee O'Connor as Ashley

Director:     Renée O'Connor and Chris Dollard
Producers:    Renée O'Connor, Dawn Higginbotham, Helena Beaven, Jane Gelb
Writers:     Dawn Higginbotham and Helena Beaven
Co-starring:     Jed Sura, Jonathan Fraser, Raymond O'Connor, Julian Moses, Ted Raimi
US Release Date:     8 May 2008
Length:     71 minutes
Genre:     Romantic Comedy
Interesting Character Scale
(Lorraine Beasely=0 Gabrielle=10}:
Best scene for O'Connor:    Watching porn and waiting for the doctor.

Those who find bumbling mobsters amusing will be greatly amused with this film, and the funniest of the bumblers is Johnathan Fraser (Johnnie B) who looks a lot like the guy who played Puddy on Seinfeld. Sounds like him too. The star of this film is not Renee O'Connor. It is Helena Beaven, who gets all the good scenes and all the good lines. O'Connor's character spends most of the film ill or stoned. Beaven, however, is quite effective as a Kiwi desperately seeking a green card.

Diamonds and Guns poster Though none of the characters seem to know what they are doing, everything just sort of works out for everybody, which would seemto indicate an alternate universe of some kind. But it's set in Vegas so it's impossible to tell.

O'Connor does use the F-word for the second time in her film career, but generally this is another wholesome character. I do not think she gets to so much as kiss anyone. She does watch porn, but it seems as though she is more curious about it than aroused. The actors in the porn clip shown are not credited.

Beaven has not, apparently, had another film role since this one. Beaven was Second Assistant Director - Medieval Unit on the film NIGHT OF THE TEMPLAR, which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

The DVD of this film has become exceedingly rare.


rehearsal the INS agent Helena Beaven and Renee O'Connor The Bridal Suite Johnny B's golf swing Ashley and Jed Helena Beaven wet Captive Beaven, Sura, O'Connor and Fraser


Renée O'Connor - Ashley
Helena Beaven - Bria
Jed Sura - Francis
Jonathan Fraser - Johnny B.
Raymond O'Connor - Mr. Gretano
E. Sean Griffin - Desk Clerk
Cynthia Szigeti - Mrs. Antignatti
Julian Moses - Connie
Andrew Pinon - Marvin
Marco Sanchez - INS Agent McFadden
Robbie Chow - Al the Bartender
Ted Raimi - The Landlord
Jeff Whitsky - Agent Stine
Chris Dollard - Priest
Steven Yell - Valet
Amy Yell - Waitress
Darlene Tygrett - Roulette Woman
Craig Spivek - Male Tourist
Dawn Higginbotham - Female Tourist
Gabriel Santiago - Contractor #1
David Cavazos - Contractor #2
Daryl Brown - INS Agent #1
Michael J. Silver - INS Agent
          (scenes deleted)
Doug Shore - INS Agent #2
Johnny Flannigan - INS Agent #3
Hilde Garcia - Panelist #1