Renee O'Connor was born on February 15, 1971, to Walter and Sandra O'Connor in Katy, Texas. Her mother has since been divorced and remarried to Eddie Wilson. Her mother and step-father own THREADGILLS RESTAURANT in Austin, Texas, which is famous for being the site of Janis Joplin's first performance Her older brother Chris is a grocery store manager. Her biological father, Walter O'Connor, is a financial advisor.

Her first acting experience was in Katy with THEATER ON WHEELS. She played a caterpillar, and made her own costume. At age 12 she performed at the ALLEY THEATER in Houston.

basic Renée O'Connor information Initially, O'Connor attended Taylor High School, but transferred to the Houston High School of Visual and Performing Arts. She was, for a while, Porky Pig and several other cartoon characters at Six Flags amusement park, and did several TV ads for, among others, McDonalds and Exxon. At age 17 she moved to Los Angeles, where her first job was as an aerobics instructor. Not long after that in 1989 she got her first professional acting job was with THE NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. In 1995, after being cast as Gabrielle in XENA:WARRIOR PRINCESS, she moved to Auckland, New Zealand where she resided until 2001.

In February 2000, she became engaged to her long time boyfriend Steve Muir in New Zealand. They married on 14 October 2000, and had a son, Miles William Muir, who weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces at his birth on 22 September 2001. When Xena ended, O'Connor divorced Muir and returned to Texas, where she met actor Jed Sura while making a short film called ENTER. Their daughter, Iris Sura O'Connor, was born on 19 March 2006.

ALSO BORN ON 15 FEBRUARY: Claire Bloom, Jane Seymour, Matt Groening, Galileo Galilei, Chris Farley, Susan B. Anthony, and John Barrymore

Renée O'Connor with Iris (left) and with William (right) O'Connor's hobbies are rock climbing, kickboxing, horseback riding, and painting. She has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and is proficient in Tae Kwon Do.

O'Connor was voted third on the list of the most intriguing people in 1996, second in 1997, and one of the most beautiful people of 1997, by People Magazine. At the end of 2006 O'Connor was chosen by as their most loved woman of 2006, a poll that she dominated all year. Her co-star, Lucy Lawless, finished second in that poll.

In 2008 she started her own production company, ROC PICTURES.

She now resides in Manhattan Beach, California, with Jed Sura, her daughter Iris, and her dogs, Barry and Chewbacca.