- with Renee O'Connor as Maureen Wells

Director:     Andrew Librizzi
Producers:     Sally Helppie & B. Scott Senechal
Screenplay:     Andrew Librizzi & Bodie Thoene
    Cherami Leigh, Todd Terry, Sandy Baumann
Release Date:     18 October 2013
Length:     119 minutes
Aspect ratio:     2.35:1
Genre:     Family Drama

Interesting Character Scale
    (Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):

Beyond the Farthest Star is about a TV evangelist confronted with a choice: to take one last chance at regaining the spotlight, or to sacrifice fame and save his wife (O'Connor) and daughter (Cherami Leigh). O'Connor is Maurene Wells, a romance-novel-reading mom of a Goth 15-year-old. She and her husband Adam, played by Todd Terry, were childhood sweethearts who married over her father's objections. Barry Corbin (the ex-astronaut from Northern Exposure) is Sheriff Burns. Jordan Waker Ross is a character named Clifford. It is produced by Benjamin Dane and Sally Helppie, and directed by its writer, Andrew Librizzi.

Renee O'Connor as Maureen Wells in BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR

Bodie and Brock Thoene BTFS book cover BTFS has been turned into a novel by Bodie Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee). It is available in audio, ebook, and paperback formats. The Thoenes have written quite a few books of "historical christian fiction".The novelization of BTFS by Bodie Thoene is now available on AMAZON. The book sold 17,000 copies in the first month.

The film enlisted eight fans to do voice work. According to one of those fans, the film will premiere in Dallas sometime in January 2013. And according to the same fan, Benjamin Dane said that Renée O'Connor now has a new agent.

BTFS features visual effects by Phillip Moses and RESISTANCE VFX. Phillip has been a visual effects supervisor/coordinator on such films as King Kong and Spider Man 3.

Merchandizing of this film is happening before its release. BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR t-shirts are now available for $22 each. They are digitally signed by Renée O'Connor, co-stars Cherami Leigh, Tyler Corrie, and Todd Terry, and director Andrew Librizzi.

Burning nativity scene in BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR Left to right: Todd Terry, Renee O'Connor, William MacNamara

Portions of the soundtrack of BTFS, along with some O'Connor interviews, are available on Anthony Librizzi's SOUNDCLOUD page.

Damon Criswell, who composed the music for BEYOND THE FARTHEST STAR, won an award for Best Music in a Show from the Internet TV Awards for his work on the first 9 episodes of CONTINUUM.

Renee O'Connor, Cherami Leigh, and Todd Terry were at three screenings of Beyond The Farthest Star in Dallas, last 18 & 19 October. Below are a couple of photos.

Renee O'Connor and other castmembers of BTFS in Dallas Cherami Leigh and other cast members of Beyond the Farthest Star signing in Dallas

Amber Carrington who sang on NBC's THE VOICE on 29 April 2012. Carrington is one of 'The Britneys' in BTFS.

Beyond the Farthest Star was the title of the first animated episode of Star Trek, and it was also the name of a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both of those are very good and totally unrelated to the film with Renée O'Connor.


Cherami Leigh and her Garage Band

Cherami Leigh also excels as young Anne, a young girl whose very being feels like a wounded soul yet Leigh never turns her into a caricature. There's little doubt that she's going to change over the course of the film, but her transformation is deeply felt and richly formed. The same is true for Renee O' Connor, who in one scene is so remarkable that you start to wonder if you've stumbled into a suspense/thriller.
---- Richard Propes - The Independent Critic

Cherami Leigh, Renée O'Connor's daughter in BTFS, is Penny in REEL DUDES, a webseries about three guys who enter a local filmmaking contest, and is available exclusively on JTS.TV.

Cherami Leigh, Aaron Hallaway, and Matt Moore in REEL DUDES

Leigh also does some of the voices in the new video game THE GUNSTRINGER which is now on sale, and has two other films in the works. Due out later this year is THE HOME, a horror flick set in a nursing home with Michelle Rodriguez, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner, Barry Corbin (also of BTFS), and others. Leigh is Nurse Patty.   And she will voice the character Sandy in the Malaysian animated film RIBBIT, about a frog with an identity crisis, due out later in 2012.

Cherami Leigh in her first film role with Wendy Makkena in FINDING NORTH


Renée O'Connor - Maureen Wells
Todd Terry - Adam Wells
Jaren Lewison - Young Adam
Cherami Leigh - Anne Wells
Emily Stuhler - Young Anne
Sandy Baumann - Mrs. Wells
Bill Jenkins - Adam's Father
William McNamara - Calvin Clayman
Andrew Prine - Senator John Cutter
Barry Corbin - Chief Burns
Tyler Corie - Stephen Miller
Shane Shuma - Young Stephen
Shawn Roe - Kyle Tucker
Caden Gibson - Young Kyle
Lou Beatty Jr. - Harrison
Jordan Walker Ross - Clifford
Andrew Sensenig - Holden Bitner
Benjamin Dane - Jimmy Wilkens
Jodie Moore - Jackson Tucker
Gail Cronauer - Joycee Jones
Selma Pinkard - Margaret Collier
Stephanie Dunnam - Mrs. Harper
Brooke Peoples - Susan
LeeAnne Locken - Candace Cutter
John McIntosh - Principal
Kevin Keating - Motel Manager
Becka Rose - (voice)
Garrett Schenck - Mayor